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    No matter what your project is, we have experts for that. Be it new construction, transportation construction, renovation, repairs and restoration projects, water supply, contamination, or saving construction projects. We also deal in energy related construction projects, chemical and mechanical construct projects and many more.
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    With our expertise in the construction industry we can assure you that your project will be done in the timeline you provide and in the most cost-effective way possible. We offer free consultation services so feel free to reach out to us and we’ll guide you through the journey of your project.

Our work in the industry speaks for itself. We deliver on our commitments and are transparent with our dealings- that is why we are the most reputable company in the industry.



We see ourselves as your representative that is why we ensure that the project is designed and constructed within your budget.

Power and Energy

Power and Energy

The most important aspect of energy projects according to us is trust with our clients.



At Bricks Construction our project team- from managers to analysts carry out their duties with the utmost precision ensuring that there are no flaws or mistakes...

  • We Give Our Best

    We provide the best services and quality results in the following sectors
    We Make Your Projects Easier

  • Subcontracting with contractors who specialize in a field.
  • Easier to apply for the application process of building permits.
  • Reliable monitoring of cash inflow and outflow.
  • Guarantee safety and security of the construction site.

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If you are looking for Construction Companies in Canada Then you have landed in the right place.

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Sustainability Is The Future

We provide sustainable construction no matter what your project is; transportation, building, energy, infrastructure and etc. Get in touch to know our process.

Benefit To The Locals

As of 2017 we’ve spent roughly $16.6 billion on goods and administrative services worldwide. We purchase from local vendors in the surrounding area of the project site, playing our part in creating opportunities for locals.

Green Initiative

A major issue for construction companies is their lack of sustainable initiatives. To tackle this we foster designs that use the approach of sustainable construction- reducing the overall negative impact on the environment.

Safety Comes First

We will never compromise on our aim of having zero accidents. Portable hardware/faculty connection; lockout and tag out; operation checks of cranes and other apparatus; fall insurance; and fallen items are the five regions where we wish to improve ourselves on.

Reduced Water Consumption

In the past 5 years we have succeeded in reducing our water consumption by 22% as by the 14 detailing workplaces and 27 building destinations.

A Smart Person Makes A Smart Choice

If you’re a person who wishes to make a positive difference and impact on the world, then we are the people to help you achieve this. Just take a look at all of our recognized projects in the industry.

Bricks Engineering Blogs

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Our Contractors Are Legit

It’s the contractor you pick that makes-- or breaks-- your redoing design. Choosing the right contractor for your job will determine the quality of the work and that it gets completed on time, and the emotional and financial stress you will have to deal with...

Construction Trends

How To Take Care Of A Leaky Roof

Have you noticed water spots start to appear on your ceiling or down your walls? Chances are – you have a roof leak. You need to fix it immediately as small leaks can lead to much bigger problems like mold, rotten wood and damaged insulation– and that’s just ...

Preparing To Remodel Your Home

How We Ensure Quality Commercial Construction

Constructing a new commercial structure for your business is a significant investment. We understand the queries and concerns you may have about taking on a project of this magnitude, but we want to ease your mind by clearing your concerns...


Your employees were consistent and professional in all dealings..the project we built you has greatly benefited our community.
Jennifer A
Jennifer A
Chair - Decor, Inc
Tung Phan is very conscientious and thoughtful. He always calls to inform any developments or changes in the schedule. He proved to be a great asset for our company.
John Doe
John Doe
President/CEO - Interior Co.,LTD
Your employees were amazing and fun to work with. Will definitely recommend Bricks Construction to anyone looking to get a construction project done.
Dos Santos
Dos Santos
Administrator - Uma Decor
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