We are one of the world’s leading Construction Company

What We Stand For

Bricks Construction is one of the world’s leading construction companies which provides solutions for the construction and engineering of energy related projects. What separates us from our competitors is our use of technology from the designing to the construction. Our tech-driven approach allows us to give you solutions to safely transport and turn oil and gas into the fuel which the world requires. With our experience in the field you can rest assured that our solutions are innovative and add value to your energy projects at every step of the construction process.

Our internationally integrated resources comprise of nearly 40,000 personnel, a diverse fleet of the most specialized maritime construction vessels and manufacturing sites worldwide. We then further divide our resources based on the specific requirements of the region.

To cater to the specific needs of different regions, our global product line teams make sure that your project gets carried out with the specific corporate functions you want for your project. Our teams consist of:

  • Offshore and Subsea
  • Downstream
  • LNG
  • Power
  • Industrial Storage
  • Pipe Fabrication

Envision The Future

We believe that success depends on two factors: Purpose and Value. At the surface level these may seem very basic for an international company but from our perspective these two factors keep us firm and focused on our goal- developing a collaborative culture that is ready to grasp any opportunity and turn it into success.

We at Bricks Construction commit ourselves to set an example for all other construction companies out there in terms of the Quality of our work, Health and Safety of our employees, our work Environment and Security. To help us stay committed to our values we hope that all our partners, subcontractors, and clients support us in our journey in being the best construction company.
We believe that any project we undertake deserves our best, which is why we commit ourselves to provide the most excellent services to deliver on our claims- only then can we lead by example. Providing quality work not only improves the image of the brand but it also benefits the stakeholders.
Our employees’ health and well-being is just as important to us as the quality of our work, which is why Bricks Construction actively encourages its workers' physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The reasoning behind this is simple- when we are at our best, we perform at our best.
Above everything else, we value the safety of our work environment for all our employees. We take special measures to ensure that the environment our employees work in demonstrates itself that Bricks Construction prioritizes the health and safety of our employees.
To ensure the safety of our workers we continually review known risks while also planning for future hazards. This not only promotes our commitment to our values but also lays the path for an environment which promotes efficiency and allows us to keep on track with our schedule. This proactive security strategy safeguards our staff, partners, and the vital assets necessary for the completion of a project.

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