As the leading company in air transport innovation Bricks Engineering offers a wide range of services, doing our best to cater to our client’s request.

Our team consists of highly experienced individuals with the drive, knowledge and capability to adapt and innovate in the changing aviation transport industry. Our engineers tackle each issue they come across with ingenuity and creativeness ensuring that we stay committed to our value and promises to our client.

Bricks Engineering has successfully completed numerous complicated projects and is currently doing projects in this country’s most popular airports including; DCA, DFW, JFK, LAX, MCO, OAK, SAN and SFO.

The latest Bricks Engineering foreign project is the redesign and extension of Terminal 2, Boarding Area D at Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The venture incorporates the change of the previous worldwide terminal into a 70 km2, 14-entryway homegrown terminal for American Airlines and Virgin America. The redesign also includes an improvement in services such as adding traveler stacking spans, easy-to-understand networks, luggage care, admission to the level 1 of the current APM framework and mechanical and electrical redesigns. LEED Gold confirmed.

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