Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Project

The new Stanton Territorial Hospital will be over 26,000 square meters and will offer outpatient and inpatient services including emergency, medical imaging, dialysis, obstetrics, pediatric, cardio and mental health departments, as well as day procedure and surgery suites. The new facility will have 100 inpatient beds. The existing Stanton Territorial Hospital was constructed in 1988 and is approximately 13,300 square meters in area with 80 inpatient beds (including Extended Care). The project is expected to be completed by 2018.

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Mackenzie Vaughn Hospital represents the first new hospital built in York Region in the last 30 years. The new hospital will include a state-of-the-art emergency department, advanced diagnostic imaging services, modern surgical services and operating rooms, specialized ambulatory clinics and intensive care beds and new technology to connect systems with medical devices for optimum information exchange. Work on both the interior and exterior of the hospital continues, and construction continues to progress on time for a late 2020 opening.

Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford

The new 284-bed Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford will have 188 beds, replacing the existing 156-bed facility, and a 96-room secure unit for male and female offenders living with mental health issues. This is an innovative approach for delivering mental health care and supports two separate groups of people with significant psychiatric rehabilitation needs. Construction began in September 2015 and will be complete by spring 2018.

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