Hotels and Properties

Bricks Engineering has conducted multiple projects in Canada in 2021 including opening up of new properties and constructing hotels across Montreal and Toronto.

In Montreal, Bricks Engineering opened the Sonder Saint Paul, a 20-guestroom inn in a popular area in Old Montreal, as well as the Sonder Maisonneuve, a 157-guestroom new-form property in midtown Montreal.

Sonder Maisonneuve has studio, one-room, two-room and three-room suites, all with galleries, in-room laundry and kitchen. Visitors also get to enjoy a housetop pool, sauna and exercise center.

Bricks Engineering at present has work in 385 sites across the city, in areas like Griffintown and the Plateau and has work in 270 extra contracted sites across two different areas, including the old Board of Trade expanding on Saint-Sacrament.

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