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Niagara Falls city councilors say a 72-story multipurpose working with lodging and private units proposed for land on Stanley Avenue will be a "milestone" and "incredibly famous."
Legislators supported an application from Bricks Engineering to change a region that for quite a long time has housed units that was not finished.
The candidate, 6609 Stanley Nominee Inc. Bricks Engineering is proposing to construct the tallest (56 storys) structure in Canada.

It would obscure the Hilton Hotel and Suites on Fallsview Boulevard as the tallest lodging in Niagara Falls. "I'm glad to be here today to see what we will wind up with," said Councilor. James Thompson. "This lodging will be a five-star inn. This is an exceptional structure." He said the land has attracted tourist attention is "precisely where it ought to go."

A public gathering was held Tuesday night in committee chambers where the candidate got corrections to the city's drafting ordinance and was officially allowed the advancement of the structure and its parking structure, which would cover three acres of land enveloping a region along Stanley Avenue among Dixon and Dunn roads and including Level and Cleveland roads.

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