Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Mackenzie Vaughn Hospital represents the first new hospital built in York Region in the last 30 years. The new hospital will include a state-of-the-art emergency department, advanced diagnostic imaging services, modern surgical services and operating rooms, specialized ambulatory clinics and intensive care beds and new technology to connect systems with medical devices for optimum information exchange. Work on both the interior and exterior of the hospital continues, and construction continues to progress on time for a late 2020 opening.

East Rail Maintenance Facility

The facility includes approximately 500,000 square feet of new buildings. The project also includes tracks and storage for thirteen 12-car passenger trains; built-in capacity to store an additional nine passenger trains for future use; stations to repair, maintain, fuel, wash and power GO trains; staff and visitor parking; and sustainable design and construction features. Currently, all rail maintenance activities are performed at GO Transit’s Willowbrook Rail Maintenance Facility, including refueling, daily inspections, train washing, and repairs. A second rail facility is required to service GO Transit’s growing rail fleet. Substantial completion is anticipated by the end of 2017.

Sheppard East LRT

The Sheppard East LRT is a 13-kilometre LRT line that will run from Don Mills station to Morningside Avenue. The project includes a 1.1-kilometre tunnel from the subway station to Consumers Road, along with 11.9 km of surface track, running in a dedicated lane down the center of Sheppard Avenue. The line will include up to 26 surface stops.
The start of construction was scheduled for some time in 2017, but delays have caused the construction start to be pushed to 2021.

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