The 5 Zero’s

Our main aim at Bricks Engineering is to find the balance that provides an overall benefit to society while keeping the interest of our investors. Our 5 Zero Initiative looks to find that balance.
1. Zero-Loss Projects: We will not fund any ventures that would result in a loss. If a building project is likely to lose money, our data analysts can predict that before construction takes place.

2. Zero Accidents: Our safety comes first approach in our operations. Does not put our workers in any kind of danger.

3. Zero Environmental Incidents: Bricks Engineering is consistently ranked among the top 50 environmentally friendly construction firms in the world since 2007.

4. Zero Ethical Violations: Our anti-corruption department enables us to conduct good, ethical and moral business practices by preventing any sort of ethical breaches.

5. Zero Defects: One attempt is all we need to make the project of your dreams. Our quality assurance staff pays special attention to every detail.

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